Passionated by computers since the age of 8, I played a lot with BASIC, QBasic, QuickBasic, assembly, Pascal, C and C++ until I discovered Linux in 1994 and I became addicted by the Free Open Source world. My games became Bash, Perl, PHP, the network protocols, software integration, administration and automation.

I also love everything about embedded and IoT, I began with Soekris devices in early 2000, I have more than 18 Raspberries at home (one for home automation with 200 sensors, 15 in an home designed cluster, …) and I create IoT devices based on Arduinos and ESP8266.

As time went on, I accumulated a lot of small knowledge that I never really publicly shared. Here is the opportunity to lay on the couch and to tell you everything.

I will probably also share on other topics such as cooking, photo or quadcopters (drones).

My CV.