More and more devices are powered with an USB plug. They require more and more power but some USB sockets are designed to deliver 500mA or 1A max. It would be danregous to plug such devices to USB HUBs or to computers. I am tired of looking for a matching power supply and to have tons of them. Thus I designed a very simple power supply to plug up to 5 devices, deliver up to 10A and to individually switch them. I’ll connect my light LED panels (10W) on this PSU and my phone.

You can find links to the related video recordings and printable materials at the end of this post.



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I needed :

I used my Creality CR-10 4D printer for the enclosure and needed :

Materials and Links

Link Description
FreeCAD source Enclosure box,
STL box Enclosure box
STL cover Enclosure cover
Video Demonstration screencast recording